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The site, located on the edge of the city of Laramie, is a plateau that marks the boundary between a residential community and the open desert. The program provides 1,200,000 sf of commercial office and incubator spaces as well as 60,000 sf of ground floor retail. Amenities are provided throughout for the use of campus residents as well as the broader Laramie community.


To attract business and community activities to a desert site on the edge of town, the City of Laramie wanted design options that were “clearly unique” while being “flexible and scalable” for future growth.

Existing Site Plan

Existing Site


Project Type



Master Planning

Concept Design

(Not Built)


Building Area

Site Area

Services Provided

1,260,000 ft

120,000 m

146 acres

59 hectares

Master Planning

Architectural Design

Site Design

Charrette Leadership



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