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Pohang is a city with two identities: steel and fishing.  Steel is remarkable for its incredible strength using minimal material and serves as the engine of economic growth for this city. Fishing represents a connection between nature and the continuity of five thousand years of tradition.  


The Administration building is a singular, stable structure that collects other surrounding buildings. The scale of the buildings is intended to modulate between the surrounding low-rise buildings and a large hill to the North. The new buildings are arranged in accordance with traditional Korean space making methods. The exterior courtyard is clearly defined as the main public gathering space, connecting the park to the North while providing access to the Assembly building, the Administration building and the Cultural Center.


Design Vision: This building is a steel lighthouse. The steel web skylight lets in light by day and glows at night.  The building serves as a house for enlightened government, a place in which interactive government creates innovative ideas and thoughtful legislation.


Design Challenge & Requirements: The design challenge of this project is to make the various aspects of public contact with city government memorable and significant. This is achieved by creating generous public areas throughout
the interior and exterior of the building. Symbolic expression of this principle functions on the exterior. Pohang City Hall conveys an interesting duality: the building is public, thus retaining a dignified monumentality while also being symbolically expressive of the city’s rich history and culture.

Project Type



New Construction

Design-Build Competition (Not Built)


Building Area

Site Area

Services Provided

855,580 ft

80,000 m

20 acres

8 hectares

Architectural Design

Site Design




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