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Located in an industrial loft building in historic Greenwich Village, the partial renovation of Razor & Tie redefined and reinvented space on two existing floors. The design connects two floors with a new stairway to provide separate reception areas for the general public and executive use. The renovation also created new offices, workspaces, and conference and support facilities on both floors.

New York based Razor & Tie is Razor & Tie is one of the largest privately owned independent music labels and publishing companies in North America. Razor & Tie is a vertically integrated company composed of a record label, major label distribution, home video company, media buying company, marketing, promotion and sales team, direct marketing operation, and a growing database of entertainment consumers.

At the client’s request, Robert Siegel Architects designed the renovation to provide improved facilities necessary for successfully operating a fast-growing business while maintaining the rugged character of the historic industrial loft. Various professionals administer Razor & Tie. Major recording artists, as well as financial and legal executives, use the space.

The palette includes mill-finish aluminum, polycarbonate panels, blackened steel and glass. The existing wood floors and cast iron structure were left exposed, retaining the original character of the building. Acoustical efficiency was improved by carefully integrating sound-absorbing materials throughout the space.

To allow continuous business operations in the 15,000 sq ft office space without interruption, this project required strategic planning, sequencing and construction phasing. Construction phasing was orchestrated by utilizing swing space and scheduling project work during non-business hours.


Project Type



Interior Renovation



Building Area

Services Provided

7,500 ft

700 m  interior

Interior Design

Workplace Design





Space Planning & Interior Design

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