We analyzed the existing facility, verified the client's program, and designed solution to resolve the numerous thermal, moisture and waterproofing failures throughout the existing building’s envelope. The program brief required that the project address the exterior envelope only; funding for future projects, including replacement of the HVAC system and interior finishes, would follow at a later date.


At existing fenestration zones around the building façade we decided that in lieu of multiple assemblies at the exterior, we would provide a single custom glazed aluminum curtain wall system in order to substantially reduce opportunities for air and water intrusion. A small portion of the existing exterior masonry was replaced, and the remainder was repointed. In addition, the entire roof membrane was removed and replaced, with the exception of the beautifully patinaed sloped copper roofs above the studios on the east side of the building.  To assist in the university’s overall sustainability initiative, specifically addressing storm water management, we designed a green roof system to cover, and help protect, the new membrane replacement roof. The new green roof absorbs rainwater in the plants, substrate and drainage layer which delays the discharge of rainwater to the campus sewage system. This also purifies the rainwater while reducing the peak load on the sewage system. The green roof also greatly improves the views from the second floor corridor and administrative offices.

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162,000 sf

5 acres

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