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Located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of New York City’s Rockefeller Center, this new facility is on the ground floor of the Swiss Center, a designated landmark building. The interior design creates a single, dynamic retail space to accommodate three separate clients: Swissair, Switzerland Tourism, and Ruesch International. The redesigned glass façade and exterior stone restoration have received accolades from the New York City Landmarks Department as an outstanding example of an historic landmark restoration.

The project reflects the commitment of Swissair and its partners to the quality of New York’s environment as well as outstanding modern design. The enlargement of the building’s glass areas allows the display of an illuminated wall of shimmering hand finished aluminum which nearly jumps into the street outside. This curved wall represents the movement of an airliner arcing through space in a flash of metallic reflection. In turn it becomes the fuselage for Swissair and its airline partners to display their identities to the streets of New York.

This new facility offers complete tourism services within a welcoming environment that is easily seen and accessed from Rockefeller Center. Swissair offers personal ticketing services as well as executive arrangements within this facility. The Switzerland Tourism automated travel kiosk has personal touch screens that allow virtual access to Swiss travel venues. The kiosk is accompanied by a sound imaging system that creates a private stereophonic listening environment that cannot be heard in the surrounding space. Ruesch International offers currency exchange services for retail and commercial transactions.

Facts and Figures

Project Type





Services Provided

5,800 ft

540 m  façade replacement

2,500 ft

230 m  interior

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Historic Preservation







Interior Renovation






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