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This new facility is designed to be consistent with superior quality, design, details, craftsmanship, and level of accommodations that Swissair passengers experience in their primary hub in Zurich, Switzerland.

The site is 180 feet by 32 feet on the 4th floor of the new international terminal. Instead of compressing the existing linear space by using a typical flat ceiling, we opted to maximize the basic proportions of the volume and reinforce the experience of the terminal by creating a dynamic ceiling with angled planes. The upward motion of the ceiling integrates the lounge space with the splayed curtain wall of the new terminal, flooding the lounge with light.


The lounge provides visitors with a relaxing and stylish setting designed as a retreat from the otherwise frenzied airport atmosphere. Running throughout the lounge, exquisite limestone floors are accented by a palette of richly muted carpets and fabrics. Measuring just 7’-4” tall, Artisan plaster partitions with stainless steel bases and surrounds appear to float above the floor. This illusion continues as adjoining glass panels meet the ceiling that hovers above them. We designed furnishings in the café areas made of polyester resins that bring fresh forms, functionality, and unique materials to the space

Project Type



Interior Renovation



Building Area

Services Provided

5,800 ft

540 m

Architectural Design

Interior Design





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