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As part of the Federal Design Excellence program, the United States General Services Administration awarded Robert Siegel Architects the commission to design a new U.S. Commercial Port of Entry & Border Station in Calais, Maine. The design creates a visual “open door” while providing a highly secure facility capable of handling 3,300,000 cars and trucks per year. The new facility is designed to create a visible testament to the dignity and strength of our Federal Government and to embody the spirit of the United States as welcoming and secure, now and in the future.

The design concept is the result of the process-driven approach to the project. The site is organized to maximize the efficiency and the security of the work performed there. Vehicular circulation is a fundamental determinant to the overall site planning concept. Equally important is the siting and configuration of the border station building elements, communicating welcome and security while maximizing efficiency. The building is sited at the high point of a relatively flat site, assuring line of sight visibility from the Station to the entry and exit points of the property. This creates clear, safe and efficient control of incoming and outgoing traffic. The site is configured around these operational needs to meet exceptional environmental standards, including the protection of the local aquifer and the collection and purification of site water run off. Internal circulation is a seamless system of physical connections within the building, extending and completing site circulation at many points. Spatial layout, interior design, the inclusion of balanced natural light, and the selection of materials and finishes have all been developed together to achieve a comprehensive and unified interior design, compatible with the exterior, for the new United States Border Station.

Project Type



New Construction



Building Area

Site Area

Services Provided

100,000 ft

9,290 m  buildings

50 acres

20 hectares

Architectural Design

Interior Design





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