In our approach to this project we try to balance many things: heritage and creativity, memory and innovation, preservation and modernization, legacy and vision. 


The objective of this major renovation of the Harvey School Weil House and Barn is to return this portion of the site to the simplicity of the original farm homestead while recovering something of the spirit and spatial quality of the original architecture, lost amongst the accretions of later interventions.

When complete, this group of intimately scaled buildings and outdoor spaces will provide new welcoming and flexible facilities for admissions, development, alumni, and support operations, as well as flexible offices and conference facilities. 


Flexible space, within the new barn structure, will provide a unique place on campus to enable the school, in concert with its existing facilities, to fulfill its mission:  to foster lifelong learning and inspire students to develop the confidence and leadership qualities necessary to succeed in a diverse, competitive, and changing world

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Building Area

Site Area

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7,000 sf

4 acres

Architectural Design

Interior Design

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