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Robert Siegel Architects is a leader in design innovation.  We are known for making buildings that are easy to use and beautiful to look at.  We achieve this by employing original thought in the research, planning, design and engineering of each building, and by focusing on developing and deploying innovative materials and systems.  The result is that we create memorable buildings that reinforce the unique strengths of their communities.

We are an award-winning internationally recognized architectural firm with buildings in Asia and throughout the United States.  We provide master planning, architecture and interior design expertise for academic, civic and cultural facilities, as well as for retail, commercial, and residential enjoyment. 


Robert Siegel Architects fully engages our clients in the design and construction of their buildings.  Using an open and collaborative process, we work with experienced and technically progressive consultants to produce outstanding architecture that is beautifully designed, meticulously detailed, and carefully constructed to endure for generations.

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