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The U.S. General Services Administration tasked Robert Siegel Architects, as part of our GSA Region 1 IDIQ contract, to reconceive the public and staff entrances to the existing Abraham A. Ribicoff Federal Building and Courthouse. Since its initial construction in 1963, the entry courtyard paving had failed, the trees and vegetation had been removed, and an improvised concoction of large concrete obstacles had been installed to provide security from vehicle attacks. On the street, once-small trees had grown unchecked, thus unceremoniously obscuring the building and creating unsafe areas concealed from view.

Our design creates a welcoming yet secure landscape that:
• Enhances the exterior of the building with new vegetation
• Provides greater physical security
• Provides protected queuing space for the public
• Provides an intuitive and welcoming entry sequence
• Provides an outdoor shaded seating area for staff and visitors

• Creates proper lighting for he street facade and courtyard

We worked with the GSA First Impressions Program standards for highlighting public building lobbies and plazas. The project was built while the building was fully occupied and the main entrance kept open throughout the duration of construction.

Project Type






Site Area

6,000 ft

560 m  exterior plaza

Architectural Design

Landscape Design



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